Troubleshoot QuickBooks Printing Problems: Quick Guide

Every business requires invoices for future reference, so Quickbooks allows us to print every document you will need at the time of tax payment. And not only for tax payment reference, but you will also need to print paycheck and sales receipt. But sometimes users are getting errors during paychecks, invoices, and sales receipts printing. So today, we are here to troubleshoot Quickbooks printing errors. How to Record expenses in QuickBooks.

Why We Face Problem During Quickbooks Printing 

Quickbooks accounting software can easily print our documents, but if we do any incorrect configuration settings in our system or Quickbooks, we can face the Quickbooks printing problem. However, the wrong configuration is not the only cause behind this issue; there are several more reasons that restrict us from printing QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number

 documents. So let’s focus on those reasons.

  • The power cable is damaged.
  • Quickbooks is unable to communicate with Microsoft XPS driver.
  • QB is unable to convert or save your document in PDF format.
  • Quickbooks get henge during printing any document.
  • Printer unsupportable for your Quickbooks or system
  • An error message appears on your screen with Quickbooks error code 14982.,50172
  • The system Printing driver is not up-to-date.
  • A user trying to print a document from another login id
  • The printer ink cartridge has insufficient ink.

Quick Action You can Take Against Quickbooks Printing Issue.

You can check your printer power cable is connected correctly, if connected and still not able to print paychecks, then try to change power cable. Or, if you have a wireless printer, then make sure it’s connected via your PC. Otherwise, follow the below points.

  • Restart your PC and printer
  • Check there not to stuck any paper inside the printer.
  • Remove previous, pending request for printing document by below steps
    • Go to control panel and open Printer option
    • Open your printer function via wright click on you printer icon
    • Now you can see pending printing jobs, cancel all by clicking on cancel all document button.
  • Update your Quickbooks version to the latest release
  • Write some text in the document and try to reprint
  • Make sure you have selected correct printer for print
  • Try to print any notepad document 


How To Resolve Quickbooks Printing problem in Quickbooks 

Quickbooks printing problem can occur any time, but you don’t have to panic about this issue, follow the below steps to fix Quickbooks printing errors.

Step 1 Make sure your printer is woking

Sometimes the user printer gets damaged, or the printer cable goes damaged; due to this, your printer is unable to print anything, so let’s see how to check if the printer is working or not.

  • Go to control panel of your system and click on Printer and Faxes option
  • If your printer is visible here as online, then it’s OK to follow the below points.
  • Right-click on the printer icon and select Use printer online option
  • Then click on Print test page from the Printer properties

Step 2 Update Printer Driver

If you are using an outdated printer driver, then you can see Quickbooks printing problems during printing. So if you detect outdated drivers, then go to the printer manufacturer website. And download the latest driver for your printer then install it into you system.

Step 3 Rename or Delete QBprint file that exists in C drive.

You can manually rename QBprint.QBP file to resolve this issue. Follow the below steps to locate and rename the file.

  • First, enter into your C drive and click on the program folder.
  • Then go to Intuit>Quickbooks folder. 
  • Now, if you find any duplicate file of Qbprint, QBP then deletes it.
  • Right-click on QBP extension file and choose rename option
  • Now Add ‘old’ word in the file name, you can add anything for understanding.
  • Go to file menu and choose Printer setup
  • After that create the new print file by click on the Form name and click OK 
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Step 4 Use Quickbooks Tool Hub  

Quickbooks tool hub is used for resolving QB errors in few clicks. Because it has several tools that help Quickbooks users to fix QB errors automatically, so let’s try to use it for Quickbooks printing problem.

  • Download Quickbooks tool hub from here
  • Install it into your system and open it
  • Go to the program issue section and choose the Quickbooks Print & PDF repair tool
  • Run this tool and wait for the finishing process.
  • Now check if you can able to print Quickbooks documents.


Quickbooks printing problem is not the fault of Quickbooks software, but yet our Quickbooks expert researched it and found a solution, you can follow all the above steps to fix the QB printing issue. And if you need any technical expert then dial Quickbooks support number. And remember do not push printing requests again and again. If you do so then your printer will be confused and it will print Quickbooks  Support.  

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