MilesWeb Windows Hosting Review: The Best Windows Web Hosting Provider of 2020

MilesWeb Windows Hosting Review

Decided to launch a website for leading in the competitive business market? Currently, after the pandemic many organizations are planning for their online platforms.

Are you the one who wants to take your business at a global level and gain the benefits of it? Do you know about the web hosting and other operations which are important for launching and hosting a website?

In this article, you will get an answer to all your queries. We would also be providing a review of the best Windows web hosting provider of India as a bonus.

Website Hosting

So, you are starting a business online! Good to know that you are taking a step towards the online platform.

But there are some of the basic requirements that you should know for initiating your business.

It means you need a shop where you will be storing all your products and displaying them.

Now, for building a shop you will be needed a piece of land. Same is the case with your website. To store the website files such as images, content, etc. you need a place. This place or space is available on a server provided by a web hosting company. So, you need to find a web hosting company that offers space on the server at an affordable pricing.

There are several web hosting solutions available and Linux hosting is well known one. But do you know anything about Windows hosting? Windows hosting is an ideal solution for hosting your ASP.NET websites or if you want to use MS-SQL databases or Microsoft Front Pages.

Let’s check more about Windows hosting.

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Windows Hosting

There’s a tough competition in the online world today. Moreover, everyday online businesses need to face new challenges. Also, managers are taking efforts and spending their time in maintenance and management of dynamic website for the same. Also, businesses are creating are creating quakes visually and attracting potential customers.

This is the way they are tracking the operating systems that can be used conveniently. Therefore Windows is getting into the picture and is used by most of the organizations. When you host a website on Windows platform, it is called as Windows hosting.

If you are planning to use a particular Microsoft suite such as ASP (Active server pages) or want to develop your web pages using Microsoft FrontPages, Windows hosting is the perfect solution. MS SQL is the suitable database for Windows hosting.

Who is the best Windows hosting provider of India? Let’s check that.

Introduction to MilesWeb

Started with an aim of offering fully-featured web hosting solutions, MilesWeb today ranks as the leading web host of India. Founded in 2012, they have won multiple awards for offering the best security, performance, reliability and customer support. You will find all types of web hosting solutions with them such as shared, dedicated, reseller, cloud, cheap wordPress hosting and VPS hosting.

Their customer support team has the expertise to resolve any technical issues that occur on your website. Available 24/7 via live chat and email, they resolve your issues instantly. Their high-tech datacenters enable to deliver 99.95% uptime. If you are unhappy with their service and want to get back your refund, you can ask for it within 30 days of the service purchase.

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Windows Web Hosting Plans


Specifications of MilesWeb’s Windows Hosting

Free Domain Registration: You get a chance to register your domain for free with their Windows hosting plans. This is the best 2 in 1 deal for launching your ASP.NET, ASP, FrontPage, MS Access, Visual Basic or MS SQL Databases.

Free Website Migration: They allow you to migrate your website at your preferred time. Migration is offered for free and with complete data care and minimal downtime.

SSD Drives: You get accelerated website performance with the SSDs configured on their servers. The powerful SSDs enable faster data storage as compared to HDDs.

Plesk Control Panel: You can manage your Windows hosting easily with the help of Plesk control panel. Your domain, website, emails and databases can be managed seamless with Plesk control panel.

1-Click Installer: Apps installation can be done within few minutes with the help of the 1-click installer tool. Over 400+ applications are provided so that you can select from them and install.

Secure Email: Emails can be securely accessed directly from any web browser on Mac, Windows, or any mobile devices. You get the support for IMAP, POP3/SMTP protocols for sending as well as receiving emails.

Programming and Databases: You get a wide range of programming language with their Windows hosting plans such as GD Library, ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, PHP, AJAX, SSICurl, MVC, MySQL, and MS SQL 2012 Express.

Instant Account Setup: Your account is setup instantly after your payment is confirmed.

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If you have planned to design a website using ASP.NET or Microsoft Access or Front Page, MilesWeb is an ideal option for you.

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