MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review: The Best Web Hosting for High Performance Websites

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review

Have you ever noticed or had customer complaints that your application or website has been running slow? You might have thought that you have hosted your website with a reputable web hosting provider but later you found that you are using shared hosting.

In fact, there are other people within your server pulling all of the resources that were used by you too. Now, you are been recommended to buy a dedicated server for enhancing the site’s performance.

But what is actually a dedicated server, let’s check it below:

Definition of Dedicated Server

A dedicated server india is designed for a specific task such as for hosting a website or resource intensive application.

For several web hosting companies, the standard type of hosting, or the option that is lowest priced is cloud hosting. When a public cloud provider is selected by your company, your website and application might live on one or many computers and utilize cloud computing.

When your website or app is hosted on a shared server, it is struggling for resources with an indefinite number of other software applications. This might lead to a potential situation mentioned above wherein you experience slow-loading or lag from someone else. Resources needed by your applications or site may be used by these additional software applications and websites.

When it comes to dedicated servers, the service provider sets a single server to manage the workload of the website or application.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

You will get to see several benefits of using dedicated servers as below:

Speed and Agility: The applications and websites hosted on a dedicated server can use all the resources on the server, without struggling for resources with other applications. It means you won’t need to share the resources of the server with other users.

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Security: There are fewer chances of programs and websites being hacked as your sites and data are located outside the public cloud and will be able to opt for more security measures.

Control: You get more control over your hardware and software in some instances of a dedicated server.

Scalability: It is possible to scale up for resources such as CPUs, extensive networks, and disk space if your applications need them. It is possible to upgrade to a faster and larger server that can easily manage the workload on websites and applications.

Customizable: Because you are renting or purchasing this server, it can be set up as per your requirement.

With plenty of dedicated hosting providers, it would be difficult for you to select the best one.
After a lot of research, we have successfully written a review of the best-dedicated server hosting provider of India.

MilesWeb at a Glance

MilesWeb is a popular web hosting company offering cheap hosting of India and has been delivering services since 2012. All types of web hosting services are offered by them such as shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, WordPress as well as cloud hosting. They have a customer base of over 20,000 customers that trust them and enjoy the perks of hosting them.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review

Why Host with MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting?

Select Your Control Panel: Server management is made easy with their broad variety of powerful control panels offered by MilesWeb. You get to select from the best web-based control panels such as Plesk, cPanel and Webuzo for managing your bare metal dedicated server.

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Select Your Operating System: You can install your preferred operating system from a wide range of predefined operating systems. Their range of operating systems includes CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows OS and Fedora.

Host Unlimited Websites:They don’t restrict you on hosting websites. You can host as many websites as you want to. Moreover, the websites hosted on shared, reseller and VPS can also be transferred to dedicated server.

SSH Root Access: You are provided root access with every Linux dedicated server. You can install applications on the server as you get complete control over your server.

High-Performance Guaranteed: As no resources on the server are shared, no other website’s traffic will have an impact on your website’s or app’s performance.

Free Setup without Any Contract: Not a single penny is charged for setting up the server and also there aren’t any hidden charges. You are free to cancel the server whenever you want to. They won’t charge you with any penalties or cancellation fees.

Reliability:Your bare metal server is highly reliable for hosting your high-level web applications because you don’t share the server resources with other users.

Security: You get more privacy and security with the bare metal server. Because your server is completely isolated from others there is no risk of threats.

100% Dedicated Resources: Because there is no sharing, there isn’t any virtualized environment. The complete server is isolated for you with 100% dedicated hardware resources.

Customizable: You can run customized application on the server with a custom environment. There’s no need to worry about the heavy applications as they will run smoothly without any issue.

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Hardware Level Control: Full root access is given to your bare metal server via the remote IP KVM Console.

Powerful Servers: you get highly powered, enterprise-grade hardware from well-known tech giants such as Supermicro, Dell and HP. You get the best speed and faster performance with them.

What Their Customers Say About Them?

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Review

Should You Buy a Dedicated Server from Them?

Still confused whether to buy a dedicated server from MilesWeb? Do note one more thing about them that they support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.If you need them you can buy at an additional cost. Also, you get one of the highest levels of uptime of 99.95%. Do you need anything more? You get almost everything needed in a dedicated server with them.

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