What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Migration?

Benefits Of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration has become a part of our daily lives. Although you may not realise it, you already use cloud migration. For example, if you have used Zoom, Microsoft Teams or a shared drive, such as Google Drive, you are using cloud migration.

When it comes to your business, cloud migration involves the process of moving data, applications, and information from an on-site data centre or service to a cloud platform, such as G-Suite or Office 365.

There is a range of benefits to migrating your business to the cloud. And we’re going to outline the key benefits in this article.


Cost is arguably one of the biggest benefits for businesses. Whether you are a start-up or a huge company, saving money is always a priority. A study carried out by Rackspace found that 88% of companies save money once they have migrated their services to the cloud.

Migrating to the cloud is so cost-effective because you are only paying for what you use. Most cloud service providers, such as G-Suite and Office 365 offer packages that can be tailored to the needs of your business, so you are never paying over the odds.

Plus, you will no longer need to pay to maintain costly data centres nor will you have to pay for on-site IT staff to manage the system.

Range Of Features

Cloud platforms have a wide range of features available to your business. Safely storing information and documents, communicating with colleagues and clients, collaborating on projects, monitoring data, scheduling meetings, sharing files… the list of things you can do in the cloud is endless!

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Remote Working

Many businesses across the globe are continuing to work from home following the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses have found that working remotely works well for their employees and business overall. And some businesses are now offering a hybrid approach to work and home working.

With cloud migration, your employees can access their emails, calendars, files, communicate and projects from wherever they are. They can continue to work hard, collaborate on projects and connect with clients from the comfort of their own home.

The ability to successfully work remotely will also broaden your talent pool when you are hiring. If employeesdon’t have to work from one location, you can cast a wider net and hire someone from out of the area.

Improved Employee Productivity

Having everything in one easy-to-manage, accessible place will make life much easier for your team. Broken down servers and lost documents will be a thing of the past.

There will be nothing to distract your employees or prevent them from doing their job efficiently. Being able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and keep track of various projects will ensure productivity is always at an all-time high.

Improved IT Management

When it comes to cloud migration, you don’t have to worry about the common issues that arise with physical server infrastructure. And you don’t need various IT employees constantly working on updates or repairs.

Cloud computing has very few issues. It is continuously being updated, improved and monitored with affecting the use of the apps and tools on the platform.

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Ease Of Scalability

Hiring new employees? Expanding your business? Growing busier by the day? Or has the pandemic hit your company hard and lead to need to downsize? With cloud migration, your company can easily scale up and down based on your needs and requirements.

High Security

Did you know that 93% of businesses have better security once they have moved to the cloud? The cloud providers high security than traditional data centres.

You can safely store your data, documents and client information without worrying about security breaches. Security analytics, regular updates, and cross-enterprise visibility are just some of the security features of the cloud.

Ready To Unlock The Potential Of The Cloud?

With so many benefits, it is no surprise that millions of businesses across the globe are turning to cloud migration. Unlock the potential of cloud migration today and enjoy a cost-effective, highly beneficial system for your business.

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