How to Create an eCommerce Mobile App without Coding

How to Create an eCommerce Mobile App without Coding

Consumers are becoming more receptive to online shopping sites, and these sites will expect to see sales increase in the near future. Expansion into this developing sector provides a potential for meaningful development with a favorable roadmap.

If you have a vision for an e-commerce or online shopping app, the ideas and recommendations in this post can help you develop an exceptional, entertaining, and practical mobile app for your enterprise.

Let’s take a look at how you can create an ecommerce app without having to code using

Layout and User interface

To make a high-quality app, you need to emphasize the user experience of your application. The initial impression your customers would get upon launching your application will become their defining perception of your product.

Keeping this in mind, you must ensure that the app is organized and delivered in a manner that would cater to the largest possible variety of users. A foundational concept of app design is to provide consistency in the structure and to prevent drastic layout differences between different pages of the app.

Access and Functionality

Your app must be simple to find, browse, and experience for newcomers and existing users.  If the software is unfamiliar to a customer, they will have difficulty getting used to it.

Usability is crucial since it reflects users’ varying preferences and capacities and the quality and convenience of the interface for anyone who chooses your app. When it comes to app architecture, minimalistic and simple design is usually prioritized for clarity and coherence is preferable as a target for user interface.

You need to find the right balance between providing your users with options while not intruding of their browsing experience.

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Managing the Cart   

For an ecommerce platform, the most crucial element after the real merchandise is how the consumers communicate with the goods you sell. The key function contains a customizable user profile and a user friendly cart.

Your ecommerce platform should give consumers the option to browse items, save items for later and filter through their searches, add them to cart, leave feedback, and all other common functionality that has become standard in other eCommerce apps on the market.

Users are now accustomed to a variety of features and having these features present in your app is a bare minimum that you need in order to retain users on your platform.

Payment and Protective Measures

For an ecommerce app, this is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire design to get right. When a user is ready to make a purchase, you should provide them with a range of universally recognized payment options, and the shopping experience should be brief and simple.

When the consumer completes their transaction, they should get a favorable feedback reward that keeps them coming back to the app. This constructive reinforcement may be a quick “Thanks for your order” message or a nuanced display of gratitude.

The key to success is to make the consumer feel positive about their decision and to build up some goodwill for your app.

Social Media Integration

Another method to bring your business and social platforms together is to enable connectivity between your app and the major social media networks that the customers are acquainted with.

This encourages the users to download the software with their peers and build up a base of prospective consumers. You can organize a referral system and incentive program with limited-time coupons to include a discount for a friend signing up to your app.

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By using social media sites and incentivized rewards, you can slowly create customer experience with your eCommerce company and encourage new users to explore your shop.


Now that you know how to create a high-quality ecommerce app, you can use’s creation tools and take advantage of their pre-packaged templates designed specifically for ecommerce platforms.

Having your own ecommerce app is essential if you want to succeed in the modern business environment, and can help you make a fully customized app without having to code! So boost your sales and enhance your online presence with a well-designed ecommerce mobile app. Good luck!

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