How are mobile application prices determined?

Making a mobile application; it looks like an investment of knowledge and whenever it requires effort, having a mobile application is a financially worthwhile work.

According to this type of work, you will have to pay properly to the person or institutions whose labor and information you will hire temporarily. Then how are the mobile application prices determined according to what account prices are? Let’s examine.

Mobile Application Development

First, you will need to know how the application was created to know how the pricing will be.

Mobile applications are a technology used by 65 % of the world’s population with internet access in recent years.  For technology that appeals to more than half of the 8 billion population, it would be more appropriate to give more information and material value than standard digital technologies.

It will be an effective method in terms of pricing if the applications created will be published for public purposes (open to public users) except for corporate solutions.

Considering the features of mobile applications created for corporate solutions, non-standard pricing may occur.

For example; in business applications, features such as GPS, correspondence, tracking, receiving and sending files are among the factors that determine the price in the application development process.

To illustrate this situation;

Let’s think of an application where in-house sales are shared with units such as purchasing and headquarters instead of customer reports.

  • Knowing customers,
  • Planning the visits of customers,
  • Customer feedback (in the form of services and product feedback or reviews)
  • Customer activities,
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly sales graphics and comments.

Considering that these types of features are used only by the sales department, for internal unit tracking and analyzing your purpose;

  • Evaluations,
  • I do not  define a strategy,
  • Personnel performance tracking,
  • Product sales performance tracking.
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In the mobile application part, it is necessary to store data on the server and mobile devices due to the different features of the user.

This means that it is a complicated software application.

In such applications, periodic payment requests can be received instead of direct service fee when the required features are added after the software stage and their development is approved by agreement.

Considering this situation, it makes more sense to create a pricing in line with the needs of corporate iPhone app development company.

For general use, for example, web site-based mobile applications or mobile app with in-app actions are priced?

Here are the main criteria in price determination;

  • Domestic actions Application (user interaction, messaging, voice and video communication),
  • Internal financial actions Application (Membership sales, sales for the character and features of the product),
  • Advertising and sponsor revenues included in my application (this feature stands out as the main purpose in most applications),

Of course, we recommend that you make a comparison between similar services in such applications. This type of comparisons will give you an advantage in many ways.

To summarize briefly;

  • The  desired features of the application,
  • Your  monthly and annual maintenance and development requests within the service,
  • Changes made only on existing ones,
  • User communication action, features of server (server-based) applications, features for financial gain,

It is among the features that affect the pricing of the general application.

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