Why does India Demand Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

pre matrimonial investigation

The term Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Stands for Investigating the Background of a Bride-to-Be or Bridegroom-to-Be or Closer Once. The type of investigation is not new in countries such as America, Britain, France, and other major countries.

The main reason for the investigation is to avoid the possibility of divorce and bad marriage experiences. This concept is new in India but people of the country are slowly embracing it. Below are some top facts or reasons why India looks forward to pre-matrimonial investment.

According to Hindustan Times (a leading news agency in India), more than 11,000 divorces were registered in Mumbai alone in 2014, which was more than 5,000 cases in 2010, while three more Family Courts in Bengaluru opened in 2018.

The BBC claimed that in a shocking September 2016 report, 1.36 million people in India are divorced, equivalent to 0.24% of the married population and 0.11% of the total population of the land. It is shocking but true.

Infidelity cases are increasing in India. A survey stated that many married young couples join the Extra-Marital Affair. The impact of these cases can become a major problem for Happy Married Life and the children of these couples. They later struggle for child custody and settlement of the case which could ruin their lives.

In Orange marriage, India has a dowry problem. Even after the tough dowry act in India, the problem is not completely rooted. In view of this, a pre-matrimonial investigation service is beneficial.

It helps to know the characteristics of the bridegroom-to-be and her family members. There have been many cases in the country in which girls are burnt for dowry. You can prevent heinous crime by checking the family background of the bride and her family members.

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Who will investigate

This is a clear question you want to ask. Many of you like to do pre-matrimonial spy which is a big mistake because it is not easy. There are many important things to take care of. You must do this investigation in secret. If you find anything negative, you should provide proof of your investigation.

Leave the responsibility in expert hands. This means hiring an experienced pre-marital investigator. Consult a reputable detective agency for this. From online, find pre-matrimonial detectives active and reputed in Delhi and your region. This is the easiest way to reach reputable spy agencies. They are professional companies that protect your personal data and customize the investigation according to your demand.

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