How Do Lead Generation Companies Work?

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If you’re a business owner, working with lead generation companies can make all the difference in your success! Even the most skilled business owner might struggle to generate quality leads for their business. Additionally, having to manage the lead generation side of your business takes time away from servicing your customers!

Consequently, working with sdr vs bdr is a great investment in your company and continued success. However, you might be wondering how these companies work and if they’re worth their cost. With this in mind, why not check out some basic information about lead gen sites and providers. You can then make the best decision when it comes to your company’s growth and needed leads.

How Do Lead Generation Companies Work for Contractors?

Lead generation refers to the process of attracting potential clients to your business. Most lead generation today starts online, where potential clients often look for needed contractors or other services. Additionally, lead generation companies work to convert website visitors and others to potential clients. Typically, this process involves the following:

  • First, a lead gen company should investigate your company and what services it offers clients. Second, they should also note particulars about how your company does business. For instance, a foundation repair company might offer free inspections.
  •  Next, a lead generation contractor usually builds a website for a client. These sites include relevant keywords used by potential clients searching for various services. For general contractors, a website might also use location-specific keywords, such as city or state names.
  • Additionally, many lead generation companies create social media sites for their clients as needed. This reinforces their online presence and confirms their contact information for search engines such as Google.
  • A high-quality lead generation provider may also establish their client’s presence elsewhere online by posting guest blogs on appropriate sites. This provides a necessary backlink to the site and increases trust flow.
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Note, too, that many companies track incoming calls and request for information forms. This allows them to note the leads generated and how many convert to actual clients or customers. In some cases, they might also invest in social media ads or other related campaigns.

What Is the Difference Between Lead Generation and Marketing?

In short, lead generation works to create specific leads for your company. On the other hand, marketing builds general interest in your company or brand, even for those who don’t realize its importance. For instance, a billboard advertising new cars falls under the category of marketing. That billboard builds interest in that car for those who weren’t necessarily considering buying a vehicle.

On the other hand, adding a page to your website about a specific service option you offer, such as driveway pressure cleaning or pier and beam foundation repair, is lead generation. The right keywords pull potential clients to your site and then “sells them” on your company or convert them to paying customers.

With this in mind, consider why contractors might find lead generation more valuable than marketing. A marketing campaign builds interest for those who weren’t necessarily in the market for a product. However, rarely does a person need convincing that it’s time to schedule foundation repair, roof repair, and other such services!

In other words, you don’t typically need to “sell” a client on roof repair but convince them that your contracting service is best. This is where lead generation comes into play. High-quality lead generation companies target those prospective clients or customers and then convince them that your company is the one to trust.

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What Is the Difference Between Prospecting and Lead Generation?

Prospecting is a sales method that involves actively looking for potential clients or customers. As an example, consider a company that sells a particular type of heavy-duty equipment. That company might use a sales team to call other companies using this equipment. The sales team prospects or actively searches for potential sales.

In some cases, contractors might use prospecting to sell their services, if those sales justify the time involved. For instance, a power washing contractor might prospect large apartment complexes. These complexes might use those services repeatedly or offer enough work to justify the time spent calling them.

However, note that many if not most contractors rely on individual sales to homeowners and commercial property owners. Also, those individuals usually find contractors for services as they’re needed. As an example, a homeowner whose foundation is sinking will typically call around for foundation repair companies. On the other hand, a foundation repair contractor might waste hundreds of hours trying to find a client through cold calling or other prospecting methods!

Is Lead Generation In Demand?

Contractors especially would do well to consider lead generation services for their company! The right leads provider can take your company from struggling to successful within a few short weeks or months. Additionally, reputable companies usually charge per quality lead. In turn, you aren’t paying for services that don’t get results!

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