Reasons Why PCs Are Better than Macs

Reasons Why PCs Are Better than Macs

There are lots of reasons that may prove to you with this justification that PCs are better and ideal than Macs.

You can check out this below-mentioned discussion and see how we have proved and illustrated our justifications.

Furthermore, you can share with us your solid arguments as well regarding whether you prefer using Macs or you are a fan of PCs.

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PCs Are Cost-Effective And Budget-Friendly:

PCs Are Cost-Effective And Budget-Friendly

No doubt, using PCs is always a better option for users because they are highly cost-effective and immensely budget-friendly.

Furthermore, you get massive variation in terms of the price range if you planning to invest in a PC system

PCs Are Ideal for All Gamers:

To all gamers out there, PC is a better choice for you because they are specifically made for gamers.

If you are buying a Mac and you want to play games on it, then you may not have a satisfactory experience in this system. In addition, PCs are an excellent and more advanced option for gamers.

They are installed with modern graphic cards and a huge amount of space where you can store multiple games.

PCs Are Simple And Hassle-Free to Customize:

PCs Are Simple And Hassle-Free to Customize

To customize PCs, this is an easy job to do as compared to customizing and building Macs.

It is guaranteed that you will not get into any trouble or mess while customizing or building these PC systems right from scratch.

You just need a small amount of investment and you can customize your PC systems in any manner you want to.

PCs Give More Control to the User While Handling Their Operating System:

Using a PC over Mac is a preferable option because you tend to enjoy more control over its operating system.

Windows operating system runs manually and Mac operating system runs automatically. But more control and freedom is given to the user when you use PCs.

Windows Possess Flexible Hardware:

Windows Possess Flexible Hardware

Most importantly, users are encouraged to use Windows and PC systems because they are injected with the flexible hardware part.

When using Macs, you cannot make any changes or modifications in their hardware. However when using PCs, then you are allowed to change their hardware.

In other words, you can conveniently update their hardware. If you feel like installing new graphics cards on your PCs, then you are allowed to do so.

PC Windows Offer Cheap And Budget-Friendly Customer Support:

It is generally seen that PC users are given cheap as well as budget-friendly customer support and this aspect is not seen in Mac systems.

If using a Mac option, then its technical support service is extremely expensive and not so much easy to afford.

Moreover, if you feel like investing in any Mac product, then keep in mind that you will just get 90-day phone customer support. Once these 90 days are passed, then this technology and customer support no longer get free of cost.

Hence, PCs are a better option than Macs because you get cheap service and you can easily afford their technical support charges.

If your PC is not working properly, then you can take your system to any repairing shop.

PCs Virtual Memory is Extremely Effective:

PCs Virtual Memory is Extremely Effective

Moreover, the virtual memory part of PCs is comparatively more effective than that of Mac systems.

If your Pc is running now because it has a low memory, then your PC is not going to ever and ever breakdown.

However, if your MAC is functioning low and it is about to get low on memory, then there is a chance that it may likely to crash.

It all means that you will be in need of less RAM if using a Windows computer.

Windows Comes With a Freeware:

Lastly, all PC users are given the chance to get a plentiful amount and quantity of freeware. This service is available to all Windows users.

Besides, this kind of service is not available for Mac users.

PCs Do Not Charge Any Additional Costs:

PCs Do Not Charge Any Additional Costs

If using Apple, then you may have to bear and face additional costs. Like, if you are opting for their service plan, then the customer may have to pay extra and additional fees.

This is the main reason why Windows Pc systems are a better option.

When purchasing a PC system, then no additional and extra fees are linked with it.

PC Systems Offer Superior And Amazing Search Facilities:

Most noteworthy, all PC users may have noticed that when using this system, they are allowed to freely resize their Windows from any of the corners and edges they want to.

Furthermore, Windows users are given choices and options to cut and paste and also move files around and in any direction.

They can rename their files and folders in any desired manner within a file requester!

Such opportunities are not offered by Mac systems. You might have noticed this thing that when using Macs, you are not offered with “maximize window” button.

Windows Allow Massive Integration:

Lastly, PC Windows’s compatibility is highly impressive. In other words, these systems are much and highly compatible with Xbox and One Drive.

You can integrate this respective system with any of the software options that you desired.

This same opportunity is so far not currently available in Macs. When using and working on Macs, the property of integration and compatibility is not that much offered to the users.


So, what’s the bottom line? You can see that these are important and massively significant reasons that tell you why PCs are a better option than using Macs.

You can share with us and let us know whether you use PC or opt for the Mac system, convey to us your experience and keep tuned and connected with us.

Sooner, we are going to elaborate more reasons and statements that convince and encourage you to use PCs regularly and frequently.

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