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Searching for Pakistani clothes while living abroad is surely a tough job. I am always having trouble finding affordable desi clothes. And whenever I do find something affordable it is usually not something that fits my needs. Or it is not that pretty. Whatever the case is, it really becomes a headache for me finding Pakistani clothes online UK.

Especially when a wedding or another event is coming up. I am always struggling to find the right clothes and I am usually unsuccessful. However, there is one brand that I recently came across that is washing away my desi dress problems. A friend of mine suggested Libas e Jamila once and I overlooked the suggestion. At that time, I thought it might be another overly priced clothing store selling average quality clothes.

But a few months ago, I came across their online store and thought about giving it a try because the clothes did look very nice. So, I took a chance and ordered a couple of dresses for me and my sister. These dresses were for a family friend’s engagement party that was due soon. I was quite nervous so I did start planning for backup dresses in case I didn’t receive what I wanted.

Surprise Delivery of Gorgeous Dresses

First of all, I was not expecting the dresses to arrive that quickly and I was totally surprised when I received my package. And guess what I found inside? The most stunning and beautiful Pakistani clothes that I have ever seen in UK. Everything from the fabric to the embroidery and then stitching was beyond perfect.

The dresses were delivered to me is a matter of only a few days which was quite exceptional. Since most of the online brands take a few weeks at least to ship desi clothes.

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Let me give you an overview of what I ordered and details of all the products that I received. I’m sure this will really help you out if you are also looking for Pakistani clothing online UK.

A flowy Anarkali Dress

Libas e Jamila has such a vast and diverse range of Anarkali dresses that I immediately fell in love with. I ordered this beautiful light pink dress with diamond embroidery all over the front and back. It turned out to be such a perfect choice for an engagement party. The dress looked fancy but also kind of subtle.

It has everything included. Inner shirt, trousers, the dress and dupatta; all included in the price. I was fascinated by the delicacy of the intricate embroidery and the neatness of it all. The overall quality of the fabric was also excellent.

Off-white Sharara with Colored Embroidery

So, my sister wanted a sharara for this event and fell in love with the look of this particular dress on Libas e Jamila’s website. Even though she was skeptic about ordering it since most of the brands don’t really send what they show. We did end up ordering this beautiful sharara dress and she is still glad that she did.

It turned out to be even more beautiful to look at in real than the pictures on the website. Everything from the color of the dress to the color and pattern of the embroidery was beyond perfect. It became a real eye turner and so many of our friends kept enquiring about where we got it from.

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The sharara was made of great quality banarsi fabric with embroidery on the hem. The shirt had thread embroidery all over it with matching colored embroidered borders on shirt and dupatta. The dress was so heavenly looking that we absolutely fell in love with it.

My experience with Libas e Jamila was absolutely incredible. I loved everything from the quality of the fabrics used to the embroidery. They really do put in a lot of effort to make sure that only the best is delivered. Since my first order, I have bought many other dresses from them as well which includes regular winter and summer clothing along with fancy dresses.

I recommend it to anyone looking for desi clothing in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. I am sure you will have a great experience shopping with them just like I did.

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